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Lucy The Vampire

by Amy Harrington, age 12yrs

Lucy is 500 years old. She is a vampire, so that’s why she’s 500 years old. She likes veggies (except garlic). She does not like scaring people. Her greatest fear is sunlight, garlic, the cross, silver and wooden steaks. Her greatest wish is everyone getting along. She is kind and smart. She does sometimes scare people, but she doesn’t mean it!!!


A magazine of good news, a magazine that supports local human generators of positive vibes, a real feel good magazine. I cannot recommend enough GOOD DAY CORK!

Virginie Laveau

'On the Verge'

...described by the people of Cork

I always feel touched, inspired and pretty darn good after a Good Day News hit. Mission accomplished Good Day Cork. 

Mary Pappin

The more aware we become of the good in our community, the more inspired we become to contribute to that, and in a small way make the world a better place… Thank you Good Day News for reminding us of this...

Georgia Hopkins

artist and member of 'LETS'

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