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If you're looking for a sustainable 'media-diet' and nurturing events - you're at the right place.

Good Day, Cork is a positive space.

The mission is to gather stories and remind us that we are all connected.

The vision is a kind world. 

Origin & Online Space

We began as a print magazine called 'Good Day News' in September 2018.  This magazine is filled with uplifting features about the people of Cork. You can browse the four issues in our Archive.

The latest 'Summer Solstice' issue is now available to order here.

Also, subscribe to our free 'Positive Digest' for a mood-booster.

Listen to Positive Podcast when you need friendly company. 

Offline Spaces

At our events we help people feel connected and be more of themselves.

'Many Tongues of Cork' is a multi-lingual prose and poetry gathering to recognise the cultural diversity of Cork.

'Let's Origami' explores the joy of paper-folding @ Myo Cafe.

'Stay Inn & Play' is sharing boardgames with friends and family at St Luke's Inn.

Support Our Work

We are a team of gatherers and creators. We hope you enjoy this space and have received comfort from these human stories. We'd be grateful if you'll consider being our 'Positive Patron' and make a donation to keep our work going. Thank you so much. 


Review of Good Day News magazine

...described by the people of Cork


About Joanna Dukkipati, founder Good Day Cork

...described by the people of Cork


Even more than ever before, one can appreciate the idea and work of Jo behind this magazine.

Virginie Laveau

owner 'On the Verge'

..Content of the positive nature is much needed and Jo is the best for delivering it to us. Love you Jo and keep shining the light & good vibes.

Helena Palmer

co-founder 'Collective Cork'

Joanna is such a kind and energetic human being whose positive vibes rub off on even the most closed of hearts.

Amy Ho

owner 'Nappy Camper'

Love it! So uplifting and inspiring! Get your copy and brighten your day!

Eilis Biggs

owner 'Records & Relics'

I decided to take some time from my routine schedule just to read this magazine. It did energize me and gave me a feeling of optimism. Each and every article is well thought and it does make connections to our lives.

Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery

Microbiologist, working at UCC

The more aware we become of the good in our community, the more inspired we become to contribute to that, and in a small way make the world a better place… Thank you Good Day News for reminding us of this...

Georgia Hopkins

artist and member of 'LETS'

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