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our Origin

We began as a print magazine called 'Good Day News' in September 2018 powered by a crowdfunding campaign. In our first cycle, we published four issues filled with uplifting features about the people of Cork. Following which, we've grown to become a positive space offering media and events.

We are a team of gatherers and creators. We tell the stories that matter through features, podcast and special events. Browse Good Day Cork when you need to breathe, feel connected to yourself and to others; and when you want to simply be. 


our work

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Members of Good Day Cork Collective
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Patsy Atkinson

Why support Good Day Cork >

Why support Good Day Cork >

Colleen Jones

Why support Good Day Cork >

Aoife Barry

our promise

We are committed to creating heartwarming media that represents kindness, freedom, diversity and equality.  We achieve this by gathering local stories for people's consumption and the positive development of this city..county ..country. 

Our vision is a kind world.

The  mission is to gather stories and remind us all that we are connected. 

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Review of Good Day News magazine

...described by the people of Cork

Love it! So uplifting and inspiring! Get your copy and brighten your day!

Eilis Biggs

owner 'Records & Relics'

I decided to take some time from my routine schedule just to read this magazine. It did energize me and gave me a feeling of optimism. Each and every article is well thought and it does make connections to our lives.

Dr. Lekha Menon Margassery

Microbiologist, working at UCC

The more aware we become of the good in our community, the more inspired we become to contribute to that, and in a small way make the world a better place… Thank you Good Day News for reminding us of this...

Georgia Hopkins

artist and member of 'LETS'

About Joanna Dukkipati, founder Good Day Cork

... described by the people of Cork


Even more than ever before, one can appreciate the idea and work of Jo behind this magazine.

Virginie Laveau

owner 'On the Verge'

..Content of the positive nature is much needed and Jo is the best for delivering it to us. Love you Jo and keep shining the light & good vibes.

Helena Palmer

co-founder 'Collective Cork'

Joanna is such a kind and energetic human being whose positive vibes rub off on even the most closed of hearts.

Amy Ho

owner 'Nappy Camper'

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